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Pregenerated characters

Kings Crossroads Chronicles

When things started going bad, David and Jenny Battersby opened their farm to friends and family, offering sanctuary to those they knew and trusted and hoping to wait out the pandemic together.

Things have been quiet for the last year and everyone has helped with the farm, and what they knew was going on in the outside world seemed very far away.

Until men with guns turned up and killed Jenny along with a handful of the others and forced David - along with Carly, his niece, Morgan, the vet-tech who had tended his livestock for the last few years and Marv, a local handyman who had known David for years - from the farm. Now, this loose grou moving towards the coast to find a regular source of fish.


As they neared the edge of the Redden state forest, they found themselves walking in the same direction as Victor, who apparently was a cop (or just likes dressing as one) and Alina, who doesn't say much, and although strangers are usually kept at arm's length, they seem to be friendly enough. For now. 

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