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The End Is Here v2.png


when a group of survivors find that a gas station isn't quite as empty as they thought, they are quickly reminded of the harsh realities of the new world

GCOE Page 1 Panel 4.png

​the fate of new york, seen from the perspective of one resident who watches as Manhattan evolves from being "the epicenter of death" to a spark of hope for the survivors

a family decide to take refuge in a cold war bunker,  not realizing that their animosity for one another would be more deadly than the Dog Flu

The Irresistible Force

The Irresistible Force Page 2 Panel 3.png

a career general reflects on the one enemy his men couldn't find, confront, or defeat 

The Procession

The Procession Page 1 Panel 3.png

several years after the collapse, one man makes a meaningful journey

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