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Empty is a jumpstart guide designed to introduce new players to the world of Distemper and provides everything a GM and group need to start playing, including pregenerated characters, handouts, and maps. No prior experience playing TTRPGs is required as this document guides a Game Moderator through running this introductory encounter for a group of 2-5 players over the course of 90 minutes or so


All major game mechanics are explained and demonstrated as they become relevant to the storyline. By the conclusion of the encounter, the group should understand the rules, the setting, and be ready to move to their next adventure with a broader ruleset.

This guide opens with a #DistemperVerse short-story, drawn by the very talented Hernan Gonzalez & colored by Nenad Cviticanin, artist on the Chased series. 

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Empty High Resolution

Empty Highest Resolution

Empty | A Short Story

Empty | By The Numbers (coming soon)

Additional Resources

Initiative Tracker

VTT Tokens 

Map (Grid)

Map (No Grid)

Survivor Handbooks

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