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Pelee Island

Pelee Island, Ontario, was once a bustling community of 235 residents, but now stands nearly deserted. Two years ago, the island was hit by a deadly virus that claimed the lives of 86 of its inhabitants, forcing the remaining residents to quarantine themselves for weeks until the outbreak subsided. However, the quarantine was too little too late for many, and 72 more residents left before the docks were closed.


Since then, there have been a few more deaths, leaving only 68 people left on the island. Most of the remaining residents are older individuals, people who have spent their entire lives there, or those who had nowhere else to go. The island's economy is based on barter and its infrastructure is constantly deteriorating due to lack of maintenance.


Although the natural beauty remains, it is now a hauntingly quiet place, with few signs of life or activity. The abandoned homes and empty streets tell a story of a once-thriving community that has been devastated by tragedy, leaving behind only memories and echoes of the past.

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