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Welcome to District Zero.

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The District Zero sourcebook is a setting for the Distemper TTRPG that provides a location and fleshed-out community to minimize setup and make starting a game quick and easy.

Set 3 years after the dog flu and built on the bones of the city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, District Zero (also called the Mile) is a ready-made location with hundreds of residents to be met, points of interest to visit, and stories waiting to be told. 

Assuming they can convince the guards to let them in, characters can find and trade items they need, unload things they no longer want, find work, or even just pay for a good night’s sleep in the Rose Hotel. Characters might be regular visitors to the town, live on the outskirts of the area, or even attempt to become residents. Whatever their reason or purpose for visiting, the Mile has no shortage of story-hooks.

Whether District Zero is used as the backbone of a campaign, a location of visiting, or becomes a sandbox where a group can run single session games when a full group is unable to play, this sourcebook provides the details and resources necessary to bring those stories to life.

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The Dog Flu

Entering & Exiting District Zero


Power & Fuel

Food & Water


Sanitation & Refuse


Work Crews

Becoming a Resident

Security & The District Deputies

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