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Mankind is at a juncture. H724 didn’t wipe the species out but it came damn close and, along the way, it erased some of the technologies and advances that had defined decades of mankind's progress.

There is no doubt that humanity will survive, but how quickly they can rebuild is another question. Despite the relatively large number of people left, there are nowhere near enough to make the world work like it had before and many technologies have been lost forever.

Towards the end, libraries got looted like they were supermarkets or gun stores as people tried to retain knowledge and expertise in the form of books. People that had never even seen a field were going to have to figure out how to farm and for many, books are the only remaining method of learning.

Free from mankind’s destructive nature on a large scale, the world itself is starting to heal. There is no more drilling or fracking or mining or pollution and nature is starting to flourish again, free from mankind’s dark influence.  It has only been a year but the air smells better, there is no pollution, and mother nature can once again be seen exerting her dominance on the planet. This can most readily be seen by the fingers of grass starting to creep around the edges of roads.

As the world moves into its first post-virus Spring and mankind attempts to heal and rebuild, so does the planet. So, grab some friends and some dice, create your characters and prepare to survive in a Fractured world. 

Some things to remember.

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