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Welcome to District Zero.

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City Hall


Although small, the City Hall remains the center of all official town business, and both Lincoln and Mitch keep an office here.

The deputies also use this as their headquarters. The shift leaders brief and organize their men here and then stay in touch and coordinate via radio during the various shifts. The deputies have created a secure holding area in the basement which can hold up to 12 people, although it has rarely been used except as a drunk tank.

This building also serves as a courthouse when needed.

The Mile and The Farm v01.05.png
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Overseen by Tom Orchard, the Farmer’s Market (often just called the Market) serves as a central meeting point for trade. 

In addition to the locals, the market hosts many outsiders each day, all of which have been vetted by the deputies and searched for weapons. Some set up a stall to trade their scavenged items, foods they have grown, or animals they have hunted, others offer services to residents, while some come just to barter or haggle for what they need and then leave again. There can be north of 30 vendors and stalls in the market on busy days. 

The deputies always have a visible presence at the market to prevent any arguments or trade disagreements from escalating, and to help Tom adjudicate any disagreements. 

There is no tax for buying at these markets, but Tom makes sure that the District receives some kind of payment from all sellers. Although he says he prefers bullets and batteries, he will take anything that he believes will benefit the district, including favors.

The Mile and The Farm v01.05.png
NPC Card Milo Cantwell.png
The Market
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